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Take Me To Your Leader - Album Artwork

about 3 years ago by Frank T.
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One of the things that I love about DB, and I think I humbly speak for all DB fans when I say this, is the yearly artwork and artists. No ones cares about house and techno album art like DB, maybe Desert Hearts. I really like how the DB Select artwork vibe has stayed the same year over year too. The "egg template" seems cool to give to an artist and have them design around it for the non main releases.

I am so perplexed by the TMTYL artwork I've seen. The art with the organ and the WR swirly font, I had to search for the DB logo to know it was real. Is this the same artist? Why is it not in the same style as the other main or select releases this year? The main DB releases this year, including the BBQ comp, have all been this year's artist [I can't find his name anywhere]. With all that being said lol, is the TMTYL artwork actually by this year's artist or is it someone else? I can't think of a time that DB has not used the same artist for all main releases at least in the last 3-4 years.

If it's not the same artist and someone would be able to shed some light on why they were not used for this release, and that information is cool to share, I'd love to know why the step away from this year's art vibe happened.