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Where are my tickets please???

almost 2 years ago by Brandy R.
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Hi guus, so in super excited as DBC is less then a week away! But im also freakin out a bit as well and am hoping sonebody will PLEASE HELP ME... 😟🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
I recently got 2 tickets with VIB, early arrival, and a vehicle pass attatched, from DirtyBird thru a mutual friend (mikey Telo...aka PillowTalk). And all i was told is that we can pick up our tickets and everuthing at the event when we get there, at will call.. My problem is, Im very uneasy about driving a good 7+ hours to an event, all packed up and ready.. with nothing in hand.. I would feel much more comfortable having them just emailed dorectly to me.. ya know. ? I camt get ahold of anyone.. and i would really like my tickets emailed to me right away.. so i can feel better about making the drive. Please PLEASE SOMEBODY GET BACK TO ME RIGHT AWAY.. EMAIL ME MY TICKETS ETC.. my email is
My name is brandy ruiz
Second ticket is for mark aichle

Tickets were promised directly from u guys.. to our mutual buddy Mike Telo...

My phone number is 619.548.6202..

Please im stressing so bad about this im throwing up almost.. please somebody contact me.

Thank u!!