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⚡OFFICIAL DIRTYBIRD CAMOUT WEST AMA (Ask Me Anything) 12PM PDT April 30, 2019⚡

about 1 year ago by Aundy Crenshaw Admin
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Our flash sale is May 7th, so we want to answer any questions you might have about the flash sale and tickets in general. We've also created a blog post about our improvements for next year, we're super psyched about it.

We also know that there are lots of first-time campers going this year!

Familiarize yourself with our website and get up to date on all the ticketing info before we go live TODAY 4/30 at 12pm PST.
link to tickets here...

So shoot us your questions ahead of time and during the AMA and we'll get the team ready and onboard to answer.

Looking forward to chirping!