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DBC Lineup (SHHH)

about 1 year ago by Kat Grieco Admin
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Hey Campers,

The Dirtybird Campout Flash Sale sold out in record time, THANK YOU! We are SO excited to head back to camp with you, we just had to share a VERY special date with our most loyal members of the flock... as you know, Head Counselor Claude works very hard on curating the Dirtybird Campout lineup for us, and this year is no exception.

We'll finally be revealing "the best Campout lineup ever" (- vonstroke) JUNE 4th!! (shh, this date isn't public yet)

Tickets will also go on sale June 4th at 10am PST too! So mark your calendars and make plans with your camp crew, with the artists up Counselor Claude's camper shirt these tickets are sure to go fast and we want to make sure our most loyal flock get the cheapest tier tickets! ahh only 147 days left (but who's counting?)