RV spot assignments for the Campout

Posted: 08/13/21 | 3 comments | 2 followers | 5 shares
Hey there, I am sooooo EXCITED for the campout! I am wondering when RV spots are going to be assigned so I can get my request in for a spot. Thanks! 

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about 2 months ago | 0 comments 1 share
i'm pretty sure the camp spots have different size abilities. I have a pretty long RV so I need one of those big spots so please let us know if you're going to take any requests I know that there's not many camp spots that can fit my RV.
about 2 months ago | 1 comment 1 share
Also following for an answer. Although I'm not sure if they will be taking requests for spots. Pretty sure they will assign them?
2 months ago | 0 comments 2 shares
wondering the same thing. so ready for campout!