140 Characters isn't enough

Posted: 06/28/21 | 4 comments | 2 followers | 4 shares
I get the idea kinda that less is more but i'm not really into going back to asking asl and wot up m8 when talking about music and events.

Chirp feed

3 months ago | 1 comment 1 share
Hey guys! As some of you have noticed, we incresed it to 500 characters now! Thank you all for the amazing feeback and suggestions for the site! - Birdfeed Support
4 months ago | 1 comment 2 shares
Looks like they heard you, 500 characters limit now from what I can see! 😍
4 months ago | 2 comments 1 share
Absolutely with you on this! I feel this limit will lead to diminished conversation or people posting several comments in series...
4 months ago | 0 comments 3 shares
100% agreed