Scrolling through music

Posted: 07/10/21 | 3 comments | 2 followers | 6 shares
I am not sure if any one else experiences this, but when scrolling through the releases through the year view, it tends to show the same 5 or so releases over and over until you reach a page break, then after the break will load the other releases for that year. Not really a big problem at all, just a lot of scrolling sometimes

Chirp feed

about 2 months ago | 0 comments 1 share
Yes, same thing. I sure it's just still loading the next pages but besides waiting sometimes a quick whip of the scroll down will put you way down the list.
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yeah - we know about this issue and have flagged it for our developers. They are fixing.
3 months ago | 1 comment 0 shares
Yes, I experienced the same...