Birdfeed points re-set

Posted: 09/06/21 | 1 comment | 2 followers | 9 shares
When will all the birdfeed points be re-set back to zero next??

Chirp feed

about 1 month ago | 0 comments 1 share
OK, so they say there are no stupid questions but there are a lot of inquizitive idiots out there and I've only just now realized that I wanted an answer to a stupid fucking question. I say stupid because I'd already read the answer, it said they re-set everyones points periodically to give newcomers a chance to get to the top and got it in my head that they will re-set everyones points,,,all at the same time,, and I wanted to know when exactly that was going to happen (WOW,, major deja vu!!) Only to realize a day later that of course they wouldn't re-set everyones points at the same time because everyone didn't sign up at the same time! Trust me folks,, don't smoke & post