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Stop N Go

Black V Neck

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Catalog #: birdfeed036
Release Date: 2018-06-18

[BIRDFEED EXCLUSIVE] On this week's feed, Miami group Black V Neck bring us "Stop N Go"!

-How long have you been creating music?

We’ve been producing together for five years now, but had individually worked on music before meeting each other. \

-What do you use to make your tracks?

Ableton 4 Life m8; our production process includes a combination of UAD plugins, some analog preamps and compressors, Moog Minitaur, DeepMind12, and for ‘Stop N Go’ we specifically used the Model D synthesizer for the lead.

-How and when did you first discover Dirtybird?

When we first heard that amazing bass line from Shiba San’s ‘Okay’.

-Which Dirtybird artist would you want to collaborate with the most?

Justin Martin, so we can play with all the synths and gear in his new studio.

-If your entire life was a movie, what title would best describe you?

Men In Black.

-What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Shrek On Ice. 

-If you could time travel, where and when would you go?

Paris in the 90s, so we can see Daft Punk before the helmets. 

-What species of bird best describes you and why?

A Flamingo because we’re from the 305. Dale. 

-What does Dirtybird mean to you?

As Vin Diesel once said…Family.  It is great to be a part of a label with such a loving and supportive community of artists and fans, and we are glad to be a part of it.

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