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Catalog #: birdfeed039
Release Date: 2018-07-09

[BIRDFEED EXCLUSIVE] We welcome Croatia's PEZNT to the 'Feed with "Like That"!

-How long have you been creating music?
I started making music when I was 16 yrs old (back in 1996) using Fast Tracker in DOS while Mark started making music 6 years ago.

-What do you use to make your tracks?
We basically use Cubase 9.5 and Logic X, Moog Minitaur, Roland TR8/TB3, Arturia plugs, Korg plugs, Izotope, UAD plugs & Fab Filter the most. There is a lot of great analogue gear in the studio but we do not turn it on all the time due to the amount of work we have with the production at the moment.

-How and when did you first discover Dirtybird?
I was a huge fan of OM Records and guys around it. Through them in 2005 i think, I got first promos from them with CVS and Justin Martin tracks on. Back in 2006 on my business trip to the USA, I visited Rob Grega and Michael Telo at the OM HQ, later that night we went to a dirtybird party at I think Moulton Studios and I was immediately blown away by the power of the sound. Very unique stuff but super funky. I totally felt in love. Mark is a bit younger member of our small team but he got hooked too when he saw CVS doing a production tutorial video for Future Music five years ago.

-Which Dirtybird artist would you want to collaborate with the most?
CVS, Walker & Royce and Justin Martin

-If your entire life was a movie, what title would best describe you?
Snatch! meets Silicon Valley

-What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
For me is definitely Prophets of Rage (RATM+Chuck D+ B-Real) and for Mark is Depeche Mode

-If you could time travel, where and when would you go?
Mark wants to travel three years into the future to see if we are going to play main stages around the world. I know we would, I think it is way more fun doing like we do it right now. Each new day something new happens and it is very exciting because mostly a good things are happening to us at the moment. So if I can pick I`d rather travel back to 70s and try to jam with Rick James, James Brown, George Clinton and others.

-What species of bird best describes you and why?
Pigeon, in our part of the world, if pigeon shits on you that means luck and we like to make people happy :))  

-What does Dirtybird mean to you?
Dirtybird has that special signature sound, funky as fuck, weird and funny but super dancefloor-friendly. Never gets boring. When you play any release from the label, within the first couple of seconds you can recognize that's Dirtybird release. Also loving the "Family" approach with the artist so having a release on Dirtybird is an honour and dream come true for us.

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