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The Future

Tom Flynn feat. Amp Fiddler

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Catalog #: DB187
Release Date: 2018-12-21

It’s both ironic and fitting that one of our final releases of the year is called, “The Future”. Created by Tom Flynn and featuring the vocals of Detroit’s illustrious artist, Amp Fiddler, the track carries the obvious name connotation, and the magnificent and dreamy piano leads accompanying the subdued and consistent beats is also a sound that hasn’t been prevalent in the label’s past, but a sign of the diversity to come.

Claude VonStroke loved the song so much that it inspired him to offer his own interpretation, fueling a driving experience by Amp’s perfectly placed vocal bits.

The Future is officially now.

01 The Future Tom Flynn feat. Amp Fiddler
02 The Future (Claude VonStroke Remix) Tom Flynn feat. Amp Fiddler