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Steve Darko

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Catalog #: DB188
Release Date: 2018-12-28

It wouldn’t be a New Year celebration without a “Firecracker”, and we finish a banner 2018 on Dirtybird Records with an original EP from our newest member of the Dirtybird Flock, Steve Darko.

Making a big impact in a short amount of time, Steve broke through the ranks with his debut, “Fried or Fertilized”, which became an instant Dirtybird classic. He followed up by mixing the Dirtybird Campout compilation , which also featured his original track “Switch It Up”, and embarked on a dream tour of the US as Claude’s supporting DJ for his “Live in Detroit” tour.

It seemed only appropriate then that we end the year with two tracks from Steve—the funky “Whistle Work” and the deeper vibe of “My Hood” feat. Uncle Kev.

Welcome to the nest Steve!

01 Whistle Work Steve Darko
02 My Hood Steve Darko feat. Uncle Kev