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Catalog #: birdfeed071
Release Date: 2019-03-11

-How long have you been creating music?

I’ve been creating music for around 5 years & playing with music triple that.

-What do you use to make your tracks?

I use the same set up I dj with:  a Toraiz SP16, various small synths, Tr8, Cdj’s, Mixer & then my good friend Ableton. I'll create an idea/ loop live at a gig then save it try & turn it into something on Ableton.

-How and when did you first discover Dirtybird?

Oh man like 2007, a friend showed me The Whistler & Who’s Afraid Of Detroit, absolute GAME changers! I was playing UKG at the time, these 2 records opened my ears, I still play them now :-)

-Which Dirtybird artist would you want to collaborate with the most?

Oh man that's such a hard decision, there's sooooo many don’s, new and foundation, but it would have to be Justin Martin or Chambray.

-If your entire life was a movie, what title would best describe you?

Four Lions - ‘Rubber-dingy Rapids Brother'

-What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Probably Riddem Cup Clash, 08, in Dusseldorf, David Rodigan clashed Black Scorpio & Sentinel it was next level intense, iv never experienced such energy from all side’s, the clash time extended from 6 hours to 9, I lost my voice from shouting & we couldn’t walk for a few days after because of how crazy we stomped, jumped & danced.

-If you could time travel, where and when would you go?

3019, I'd love to see how wild things will be in the future, how people will have evolved physically & mentally, space travel, the world of entertainment - what & how we experience it etc. With how fast people & technology have grown in last 50 years imagen what it will be like in a thousand.    

-What species of bird best describes you and why?

I Googled this question & took a quiz :)  this was the answer:

Dove - You are a team player and like to keep the people around you happy. You work hard and are loyal to your friends and family. Your tenderhearted nature makes you easily likable and pleasant to be around. You are shy but very interested in others.

-What does Dirtybird mean to you?

From discovering the label in 07 then watching it grow, going from strength to strength across the electronic music scene, with such an impact, so many musical statements & historic tracks over the years, it really is inspiring, especially, knowing it was created independently! That ish really inspires me man, THANK YOU!

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