Birdfeed AMA - July 21, 12:30pm PT

Posted: 07/16/21 | 16 comments | 6 followers | 3 shares
We're hosting an AMA about Birdfeed! If anyone has any questions about the new system or wants to chat about things they like, don't like. Just put your questions in here. We'll use this for the AMA.

Chirp feed

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Not really a suggestion, but just wanna say thanks to the whole Dirtybird crew for all that you have done with these new upgrades so far, and taking the time to listen to our concerns! Life has been pretty rocky lately, and having a place to come and let go with some music for a while has been such a welcome release. ❤ Much love.
J P 
6 months ago | 1 comment 0 shares
Any chance of cataloguing or making past performances available for purchase? Specifically How Weird or NorCal BBQs from 15-19?
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Improvement in metadata and cover art for all file types would be huge. Birdfeed 1.0 was much better at this. Also, I believe mp3 files used to be at 320kbps now they're 128kbps. Otherwise the other changes are great!!
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Nice!! Would be great to be able to listen to playlists in shuffle mode! Also, perhaps being able to listen to all the tracks on the website in shuffle mode would be epic honestly! 🙌
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meta data and coverart for .wav files would be great. I would also like to see other stuff from artists like Q&As, samples and synth patches that can be downloaded for eggs.
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Any thoughts, ideas, things you like or don't like. Add them in here and we'll go through these live on July 21st.