-- Campout West 2021 DJ Competition - POST YOUR MIX --

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Hi all,

Shameless plug here: let's share our submissions for this year's Campout DJ competition!
πŸ‘‰ I invite all other participants to post your entries below as well and help each other out in this!

Here's my submission in the meantime. Any play, like, comment helps it, if you like it:


Chirp feed

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Since the winner plays at the bass lodge I decided to instead of doing a house mix, I would do DnB and halftime. Then went in the studio and did some tricks to extract vocals and synths from some fav. house tunes and was able to speed them up to put on top the bass music. First time for this concept, but can't wait to push this more in the future and dial it in!
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Thought we'd have some more action up in here with chirp peeps getting in on this comp action. 11th hour submission coming in! Play, like, share and get the action rolling!
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Ohhhh here we go. Will check the vibe now GN!