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($75 Billed Annually)
($99 Billed Annually)
VIB Egg Credits
VIB Egg Credits are the currency of the Birdfeed. Use your VIB egg credits on downloading release and tracks or on other upcoming egg spend opportunities
10 Eggs Monthly
Members receive 10 credits per month as part of their membership fee. More VIB egg credits are available for purchase
Music Streaming
Stream music from the entire Dirtybird catalog while enjoying the Birdfeed website
Chirp members can only listen to a 30 second preview of each track
Unlimited is unlimited, stream away
Unlimited is unlimited, stream away
Get the inside scoop with Birdfeed announcements tailored to each membership level
From time to time we might hook Chirp free up
Insider level offers & announcements sometimes differ from VIB member announcements.
VIB level offers & announcements sometime differ from Insider member announcements.
Artist & Release Feeds
Follow and stay connected to the music, artists & discussions you choose by curating your Birdfeed to keep you up to date with just the things you care about
Chirp members can only partially see feed info and cannot engage
Community & Friends
Explore the Dirtybird community and connect with like-minded birds from around the world, as well as connect & collaborate with your closest Birdfeed friends.
Chirp Q & A / Discussions
Ask questions, voice your opinion, get feedback and interact with the Birdfeed community of fans, artists and staff
Chirp members will only be allowed to participate in some of Chirp free areas
Favs, Ratings & Playlists
Build and organize your personal library of your favorite Dirtybird sounds, rate the tracks you love or hate and build & share playlists of your favorite tracks, moods and artists
Games & System Points
Gain Listen, Connect & Play points for using Birdfeed. Participate in sitewide & invite only games
Sitewide system points access VIB game invites
Rewards, Eggs & Badges
Claim in real life rewards, collect designer / golden eggs and digital badges of Birdfeed
No Birdfeed merit badges, no designer eggs, badges & golden eggs, only attainable from invited games.
Leaderboards & Status
Play for your spot in the overall Birdfeed leaderboard. Compete for status and climb the ranks to be in the Birdfeed Big 10 / top 200.
Limited access to achieve system points makes it harder to climb the ranks
Event Access
Guest list and ticket discounts to Dirtybird events and one off artist events in your area
Limited to chirp forum offers
Insider membership level invites & discounts
VIB membership level invites & discounts
Exclusive Merch Offers
Birdfeed always gives members first dibs on Dirtybird Merch and exclusive offers as well as has its own merch available to members only.
Insiders receive merch offers specific to Insiders.
VIBs receive merch offers specific to VIBs.
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Top 5 Common Questions

Is Chirp free a good place to start?

Yes, Chirp will allow you to participate in the basics of Birdfeed, but is limited to engagement in the chirp question and answers forum. Game play and attaining point, badges and status is also very limited limited. Streaming music is limited to 30 seconds samples.

What are VIB egg credits?

VIB Egg credits are Birdfeed’s currency and only available to VIB members Who receive 10 eggs per month as part of their membership fee. The primary use of eggs is to download music at 1 egg per track although we have plans to open up VIB Egg credits for purchasing exclusive merchandise and other cool items and Dirtybird opportunities.

I love Dirtybird, but just can’t afford a paid membership.

Hang out for a while and check your notifications, Chirp free member promotional opportunities come up from time to time and chirp free invite only games, activities and challenges can win you a free membership period.

What happens to my downloads if I downgrade or cancel my account?

Nothing. Your downloads will always be attached to the email address you created your account with. If you cancel your account you will need to reactivate your account at least on a free level to access your downloads.

What happens when I cancel or downgrade to free from a paid membership?

Birdfeed does not keep your achievements when you cancel or downgrade to free as we reward our Birds for longevity and loyalty. If you quit or downgrade, you will have to start over again. Your playlists, favorites, track ratings and friends will stay, in the case you decide to upgrade your account in the future but we’re sorry to say any and all stats and status will be lost.