What is Birdfeed? |

What is Birdfeed?

Birdfeed is a Dirtybird insiders network created just for our fans!


Stream, Download & Engage

Stream it

Stream from the catalog of Dirtybird music, create playlists and listen to unlimited amounts of Dirtybird.

Download it

Become a VIB member and receive 10 VIB egg credits a month to download the latest releases, remixes, exclusives and back catalog tracks.


Put your mark on the music by adding your rating of each track you listen to. Add comments to a release feed and spark up conversation in the community about the music you love.


Achievements & rewards


A network built for Dirtybird-minded music fans from the aficionado to the new listener. Birdfeed is the place to get excited about the Dirtybird community as a whole to help create Dirtybird movements worldwide. We want to know what’s important to you.


Express yourself and let your feathers fly. Birdfeed is that place where your inner bird is appreciated by like-minded people.


Connect with your close Dirtybird peeps and get to know even more like-minded fans just like you. Help us keep the culture, add to the flock and represent Dirtybird by sharing.


Achievements & rewards


From fresh game fun to invite only, we play games with the music, artists and friends. Put your game face on, it’s go time!


Play for badges, leaderboard status, hunt for golden eggs, stack your designer eggs, and more…and earn points to get rewarded!


Dirtybird rewards members with even more cool stuff than your average fan. Digital and in real life rewards are given through active participation and engaging with the sound, games and community.