Campout Shirt Exchange

Posted: 09/27/21 | 11 comments | 8 followers | 8 shares
Would anyone be open to the idea of a campout shirt exchange? My boyfriend ordered a size that ended up not fitting. It's the navy blue one from West Coast '17 so I know this is a long shot. No patches have been added so it's basically brand new still. Come thru fam!! β˜€πŸ€πŸ’œ

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over 2 years ago | 2 likes 0 comments 0 shares
You let me know if you want to sell that Mens size L. I would LOVE love Love to have it. We could also trade for it, but I do not have that shirt for you in the size your looking for:(
almost 3 years ago | 3 likes 2 comments 1 share
What size is the one you have? I might consider buying it from you..
almost 3 years ago | 3 likes 2 comments 5 shares
I have 2 for sale both size XL. one khaki the other olive green. from campout '19. each have a bunch of dirtybird patches added to them.
almost 3 years ago | 3 likes 4 comments 1 share
What's the size of the shirt? If you ever consider selling it I might be interested πŸ™‚