DBC badge from 2018?

Posted: 06/26/21 | 7 comments | 7 followers | 6 shares
At DBC 2018 there was a punch card which we completed and were supposed to get a badge for Birdfeed 2.0. Is this still happening?

Chirp feed

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Sadly we can't find the punch cards. We think they were thrown away during an office cleaning. Sorry guys. If you want, we'll make a campout 2018 badge and if you were there, we'll give it to you? Let me know?
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Is there a way to confirm if we qualified for this or not? I vaguely remember this...
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thanks for the reminder
about 3 years ago | 2 likes 0 comments 0 shares
I completely forgot about this! That was fun. Hopefully the badge is cool
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Yes. I know we created the badge, we just need to apply and thanks for the reminder! Give us a few weeks to gather it together!