2005-2010 Releases

Posted: 06/30/21 | 7 comments | 6 followers | 5 shares
Any chance that the back catalogue may open up to the OG DB releases for the first 5 years? I am really looking to dive deep :)

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Yeah I was wondering the same. I have been a fan since the first release ever in 2005 and would love access to the back catalogue as well. I am searching DB001-DB136.
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Hey guys! The back cataloge should be available to eveyone now, no restrictions at all. We did noticed an issue where it was not visable though so we are working on this. Try using the search bar for now to find old tracks you're looking for and if you don't see one let me know!
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I was hoping I would have access with the new system too :)
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I second this request. Maybe have a bi-weekly time capsule that brings back select tracks?