Site Issues & Suggestions

Posted: 07/07/21 | 15 comments | 8 followers | 4 shares
Thank you all so much for sending in issues and suggestions for the new site! In this category feel to discuss problems you are having on the site & any suggestions you may have. For issues requiring personal information please send a support ticket here

Chirp feed

12 days ago | 2 comments 0 shares
I'm noticing on others' feeds it says I got so and so badge, but they're not appearing on my page...
23 days ago | 2 comments 0 shares
It would be nice to have track lengths listed too
Dan O 
about 2 months ago | 2 comments 1 share
The "HEADERS & SKINS" link on the edit profile page is broken. it takes you to the page but it's just a blank screen. hope this helps!
2 months ago | 0 comments 1 share
Hey Birdfeed team! I noticed quite a few of the songs I downloaded are 160kbps. Is there a way to get the 320kbps versions? (I can provide a list of the songs if needed) Thank you!
5 months ago | 1 comment 1 share
When you download an AIFF file, all the ID3 metadata (Track title, artist, album, album art, etc.) don't show up. Only data that appears just shows up in the Track title. Please fix to make downloading music more appealing and easier!
6 months ago | 2 comments 2 shares
When I try to click on the support link it doesn't go anywhere and the read more link also doesn't work. Using iPhone X iOS 14.6 and Firefox as the browser. Also, the artist follow page is an infinite loop for me of the same 10 artists or however many are there.