Albums with 10+ tracks

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Thank you so much for this section, and all the work you guys have done so far with the new site! Something that I think would be really helpful, would be to have a cap on Compilations for the amount of eggs youd have to use. For instance any thing over 10 tracks being 8-10 eggs total. As of right… Read more

Chirp feed

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I totally agree with this too, thanks!
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I just wanted to say that I agree with this idea. Espically for VIB members I think there should be a cap on the number of eggs needed for compilation downloads. When there is an update or developement here will it be posted on this thread? Thank you for all your do Dirtybird!
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Hey! Your right! Similar to the sample pack issue, we'll build this feature to have a set amount of eggs for special releases on the feed. Thanks again! 😉