CampInn 2022 announced?

Posted: 10/25/21 | 8 comments | 1 follower | 2 shares
Heard about in on the podcast with Victoria but haven't seen it anywhere yet? Curious about the detals of course!

Chirp feed

24 days ago | 1 comment 0 shares
There seems to be an error with Birdfeed "Goinginn" is the code. I'm having an issue getting VIB for $175. it's listed under $200 even with the birdfeed code.
24 days ago | 0 comments 0 shares
Nothing in email or in Chirp about CampInn Birdfeed ticket sales? Any updates?
24 days ago | 0 comments 0 shares
when are we going to get the early access code for the sale tomorrw? i havent recived anything yet.
25 days ago | 0 comments 0 shares
I checked my email, and haven't received any updates. Has everybody received updates?
25 days ago | 4 comments 2 shares
Check out your birdcall for important info! Tickets on sale tomorrow.
26 days ago | 0 comments 0 shares
I can not wait to experience CampInn 2022!
27 days ago | 0 comments 0 shares
Yes, please at least confirm dates for Birdfeed members. PS I also hold 3 birds currently so I would like to know so i can start getting even MORE hyped!
28 days ago | 0 comments 0 shares
Just saw on an Instagram story Claude said it's gonna be in Feb, but no official announcement yet. Very excited to get more details!