Games Have Launched!

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Our first game is for our latest release "No Pressure."&nbsp
You must be an insider or VIB in order to play and complete the game!
Head over to the games tab and check it out for a chance to win an IRL reward (a Dirtybird Book)!
As this is a new feature we are testing out, please reach out to… Read more

Chirp feed

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Hello! I'm a little late to the game, but how does this bird get on any future games? How do I know if i'm a insider or a VIB? I want to get in on the future action. 



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This game has ended. It was a great first game for the bIrdfeed. We see a little bug below and we'll fix before we launch the next game. If you have any thoughts or comments on the game, please let us know. We'll award the winners! Thanks for playing! Aundy

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I've tried many times, in multiple browers, and on mobile but it does not seem to count 'rate a track' as a completed task. Is there anything else that can be done so I am able to earn the game badge before the game is over?
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Love this idea! Noticed some buggy actions in Opera, swapped over to Chrome and it seems to be counting the task completions. However, I've tried to rate the tracks numerous times but it still says incomplete on both browsers.