Good Neighbor - Camp Vibes

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Hi fam!

Super glad the producer corner is happening&nbspπŸ‘‰ Thanks Aundy!

I'm breaking the ice with a track I'm still currently working on.&nbspMy track is called Camp Vibes and has been designed to offer a snippet of the vibe experienced at Dirtybird Campground πŸ•

Listen to Camp Vibes here:

I'd appreciate any feedback ✌


Chirp feed

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Welp, this one has changed a bit and ended up at House of Hustle!

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Nice one Good Neighbor! Just now getting around to exploring the Birdfeed site. I've been on it for years now (drip days) and just now seeing how fun and interactive the new feed is. This producers corner is way cool. I had no idea something like this was even offered. As for your camp vibe track! Wow!! very nice chunky Dirtybird vibe! YOu really nailed it on this one. something to bring the cowd together and take them into a dance frenzy on the floor. It makes me want to bounce and get some pool foats getting thrown around above the crowd! I remeber this happening at one of the old BBQ's on Treasure Island way way back! I hope this gets the release treatment! 



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I'm getting some jungly spacey vibes from the track... I'm jammin in the jungle and then I start getting transported. Drop. Really enjoying the track <3

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Doesn't show where to listen to the track?