Share your Dirtybird Campout 2022 DJ Competition Mix

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Hi fam,

I was thinking oif sharing our DJ competition entries here in the comment and discuss about them together!

Let's keep this going! ✌


Chirp feed

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Hey DB flock! Here is my entry for the contest! Hope you enjoy and see you at campout!! <3

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Bird calls a plenty, it's a vibe. Mix of some of my favorite Dirtybirds from the archives. Deep bass driven and sprinkled with breakbeats for extra flavor. I was inspired by weird and wonderful sounds of the label and artists from the flock and was deeply hoping to blare this out on a F1 stacks or maybe a Void at DBC 2022 . Gotta have dreams eh!?

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I'll break the ice with my entry! Hope you'll enjoy it! 😎