Birdfeed Member Demo Submission Fastlane?

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Yo yo,

I just saw the extra perk of having a Bird Flight NFT to drop a demo straight to Claude's inbox. Would anyone consider doing something similar for Birdfeed members? Or have a faster lane than the regular demo submission road?

That perk could go a long way into helping this community grow!

Also, Birdfeed could see more frequent… Read more

Chirp feed

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I'm a fan, but the one time I used it. The track never got a play. This was six months ago, so maybe it got fixed. I'll try again shortly 😇

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I personally have a DFC bird and haven't felt the full potentcial has been realized yet for utility. I feel it is coming in the future, just takes a team to build out the backend as much as the frontend.

Interesting development similar to Birdfeed/DFC from another fav label Box of Cats recently but not NFT: