Does Anyone (Admins/Mods) Even Work on Birdfeed Anymore?!

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It seems to me like Birdfeed has been abandoned. We haven't had any new games forever, and the issues I've posted in Chirp haven't been answered or addressed by anyone. Has anyone else had issues with the store too? Such as abismal communication, missing items in orders, receiving wrong items, etc. I DARE THE ADMINS TO RESPOND TO THIS TOPIC/POST… Read more

Chirp feed

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Definitely feel the same way. Not even sure why I'm still subbing since DB events are shut down. :(

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Chirp chirp! I'm sure the DB team has some fun things lined up for us.
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Hi Andrew, 
Sorry you're feeling this way. Can you please shoot me an email at if you would like to discuss more in-depth the issues you are experiencing on Birdfeed.
Thank you! Hope you are doing well!