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Fat Joe


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Catalog #: birdfeed072
Release Date: 2019-03-18

-How long have you been creating music?

- I was 17 when I started my first project.

-What do you use to make your tracks?

- FL Studio, Rokit speakers and Roland tr 909

-How and when did you first discover Dirtybird?

- Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit (3 Channels Remix) on Beatport!

-Which Dirtybird artist would you want to collaborate with the most?

- Will Clarke, Claude VonStroke, Kevin Knapp and FISHER.

-If your entire life was a movie, what title would best describe you?

- From Ghetto to the top

-What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

- For my own gig then Gran Canaria Zona13, if not then Wutang Clan

-If you could time travel, where and when would you go?

- Now to the California, or Miami Winter Music Conference!!

-What species of bird best describes you and why?

- Swallow because it is the bird of freedom.

-What does Dirtybird mean to you?

- It is huge for me, and a great step forward.

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