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Case of the Mondays

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Catalog #: birdfeed098
Release Date: 2019-11-25

[BIRDFEED EXCLUSIVE] Case of the Mondays are back on the 'Feed for the third time, and this one's funky!

-Favorite Dirtybird track?

Function VIP by Justin Martin & Party Ardy has been our JAM since the beginning of time. It really resonates with us deep in our souls because no matter where we are in the world you can always find us “At the Club, Shakin’ our Ass!”

 -Favorite food?

Chicken Wings are by far our favorite food. They are always perfect, easy to eat, and can absorb any flavor they touch. Disclaimer: if you are one of those people that likes breaded chicken wings… don’t bother talking to us. 

-Best DJ gig experience?

We played an 800-person pool party in Nicaragua called Sunday Funday at the Naked Tiger. Being surrounded by that many half-naked people froth’n for our music while the sun was setting behind us was truly something magical. Not to mention we had two blender bartenders working overtime to make sure we were sipping the freshest Pina Coladas and a lovely woman who kept bringing us chicken wings. The only downside to this whole experience is that the power sources surge A LOT in Central America which means you constantly get electrocuted when you touch the DJ equipment. Somehow the electric shock gives you a type of high that’s painful and exciting at the same time. The locals say it’s an acquired taste. 

-Who's your #1 fan?

Wongo is hands down our #1 Fan! No matter what, that guy always takes his shirt off and rushes whatever stage we’re playing to hug us with his sweet sexy body. We must admit, we do kind of like it ;)

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