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Mr. Good Remixes


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Catalog #: DB231
Release Date: 2020-11-20

Ardalan’s debut album, “Mr. Good” was a perfect launching off point for the bright, young artist. A genuine reflection of the producer he has become with a considerable nod to the future. The album was widely admired by critics, DJs, fans and industry alike, and we’re super proud of what Ardalan continues to accomplish.

For the remixes of the album, Ardalan’s music receives re-interpretations from a whopping 19 diverse and talented artists across the spectrum. OSCI gets the treatment from Kyle Watson, with Justin Jay and Daniel Goliger offering up a different perspective. Justin and Christian Martin team up as The Martin Brothers for a Drum & Bass version of “Lifted”, and the disco-funk duo, Soul Clap, take “I Can’t Wait” to their stratosphere.

Remixes also come from ghetto house icon DJ Deeon, Detroit’s deep house legend Delano Smith and DJ Minx who also hails from the D, as well as Dirtybird TV’s Kevin Knapp.

Archie Hamilton and Garneau remix “Mr. Bad”, while Bruno Furlan, DJ Glen and German Brigante handle “Mr. Good”. Rounding out the package are Dirtybird regulars Kill Frenzy, Pezzner, Cour T., OMNOM, and Lubelski & RYBO.


01 I Can’t Wait (Ardalan’s Acoustic Rework) Ardalan
02 I Can't Wait (Delano Smith Reconstructed) Ardalan
03 Mr. Bad (Archie Hamilton Remix) Ardalan
04 Zombie Village (DJ Minx Remix) Ardalan
05 OSCI (Justin Jay & Danny Goliger Remix) Ardalan feat. Claire George
06 I Can't Wait (Soul Clap Remix) Ardalan
07 Mr. Bad (DJ Deeon Remix) Ardalan
08 Strength (Kill Frenzy Remix) Ardalan
09 Warped Souls (Lubelski & RYBO Remix) Ardalan
10 Orange Dreams (Pezzner Remix) Ardalan
11 Mr. Good (German Brigante Remix) Ardalan
12 Baba Cosmo (OMNOM Remix) Ardalan
13 Mr. Good (Bruno Furlan & DJ Glen Remix) Ardalan
14 Osci (Kevin Knapp Remix) Ardalan feat. Claire George
15 Mr. Bad (Garneau Remix) Ardalan
16 Zombie Village (Cour T. Remix) Ardalan
17 Lifted (The Martin Brothers Remix) Ardalan feat. Claire George
18 OSCI (Kyle Watson Remix) Ardalan feat. Claire George