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Midnight Swim

Steve Darko

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Catalog #: DB253
Release Date: 2021-02-05

We proudly present Steve Darko's debut album, “Midnight Swim”, a balance of dark and light that weaves through fourteen dynamic and synth infused tracks. For the last few years Steve has made a huge impression on Dirtybird with his ingenuity and cutting edge sound design. His EPs, singles, and collaborations are some of the best material on the label, and this new album certainly upholds that same standard of incredible creative quality. 

Written largely during a time of global uncertainty and forced lockdowns, ‘Midnight Swim’ in itself was a way for Darko to find his own freedom and catharsis despite grim surrounding circumstances. The project is a manifestation of balance and an exercise in perseverance, and of reconciling these two driving forces.

The album also speaks to the power of collaboration, something Darko has always embraced as an artist. He employs a multitude of guest on Midnight Swim including Claude VonStroke, VNSSA, Rachel Alix, Nala, Bøats and Phlemboyant. Nearly half of the LP contains guest writers, which work to push Darko further outside his comfort zone. Each collaborator played a unique role in bringing his vision to fruition, helping to shape the eclectic and wide reaching nature of the record.

“Midnight Swim” begins with a slow, arpeggiated Prophet synthesizer creepily growing and growing and then dropping into a tough Darko beat. The record moves from deep house to trippy minimal to tech house, with melodies and atmospheric excursions sprinkled throughout. Whether its ominous dark waters or an inviting evening bath, Steve Darko delivers a wet synthetic vision of reality on his debut full length.

01 Descending Steve Darko
02 Smooth Like Butter Steve Darko
03 How Many Times Steve Darko & Claude VonStroke
04 Euclidean Dreams Steve Darko
05 Oohs and Arps Steve Darko
06 Red Steve Darko feat. Nala
07 On My Own Steve Darko feat. Rachel Alix
08 Block's Last Trip Steve Darko feat. Phlegmbuoyant
09 Hypnotized Steve Darko & VNSSA
10 Love 100 Steve Darko
11 Only Thing Steve Darko
12 Eelated Steve Darko & Boats
13 Dominical Steve Darko
14 Closure Steve Darko