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Birdfeed is a Dirtybird insiders network created just for our fans!

Birdfeed is a Game System

Sitewide Actions = Points & Status

Every action in Birdfeed is connected to points that are given after a certain number of times the action is completed (I.e share X number of releases to achieve X number of points). The different types of points & actions are organized into three sections: Music, Friends & Games. Each section’s points are combined to create your total Birdfeed points, which moves you up and down in status on the Birdfeed leaderboard.

Friends Points

Community based actions such as following artists, making new friends, commenting, liking, answering chirp questions, posting new chirp topics and favoriting tracks, and sharing posts earn you points.

Music Points

Music based actions involving releases, and individual tracks earn you points, such as listening to tracks, tracks earn you points, commenting on releases, downloading music, sharing music, favoriting creating playlists.

Games Points

Games points are experience specific and are defined by things such as real life events and extracurricular activities that we create and ask everyone to participate in. We'll let you know when a new game is launched so you can participate.

To Participate


have maximum earning potential of points, badges and achievements and are invited to specific paid membership games with higher rewards.


are limited to earn points in specific free membership games and the chirp area of Birdfeed. Chirp Free members do not gain Birdfeed Badges. Game badges will be awarded to specific Chirp Free member games only.

Birdfeed Merit Badges

Membership Level Badges

Membership level badges are given to each user upon joining. This badge shows your status as a member of Birdfeed. You will receive different communications, leaks & announcements dependent on your membership level.

Yearly Badges

Yearly Badges are given to members for each continuous year they are members of Birdfeed. Dirtybird rewards members for their continued participation in the playground. Each year’s badge holds weight in the community and at Dirtybird events.

Merit Badges

Birdfeed merit badges are given for system wide site usage. These badges are different from games and are achievement rewards showing merit in specific areas of the site such as sharing 50 things or listening to 200 tracks.

Game Specific Badges

Badges are received for participation in specific games that you are invited to play in. These badges are based on participation and membership level.

Birdfeed Leaderboards

The BIG 10

Top 10 leaderboard spot holders must continue to engage in Birdfeed to continually compete for their “BIG 10” status on the overall leaderboard. These are our biggest fans and are rewarded as such. To be part of the Big 10 is a high honor in the Dirtybird community at large.

Top 200

Top 200 members are also showcased on the overall leaderboard and are also rewarded from time to time for their merit. Points & status refresh every 3 months for users to level the playing field for new members.

The Games of Birdfeed

What are Games?

Birdfeed games are membership level based fun filled challenges created around events, activations, music releases and artists. Games use the same points system as the site but allow members to achieve even more points and rewards.

Added Rewards and Game Leaderboard

Each game has a set of unique digital rewards and in real life rewards for those who make it into the ranks of top 50 or top 200 of the games specific leaderboard.


While some games are site-wide and for all members, such as AMAs, many games are reserved for specific membership levels or level of status held in Birdfeed (ie. years of membership).

Golden Egg Challenge

Games may have a golden egg challenge add-on attached. A set number of clues are hidden throughout the site. Upon finding all clues and finding the golden egg, single or multiple members (that are lucky enough to find it) will be rewarded with high value, such as: exclusive merch, VIB egg credits, event tickets, event upgrades, and music equipment.

Collect even more

Designer Eggs

Like Golden eggs hidden in the system by artists and special guests, these eggs showcase graphic artist’s unique Dirtybird designs. Early bird gets the worm and the rewards, so be quick to find them when/if the first clue is given.

Profile Headers

Gather up exclusive profile headers, showcase your favorite style on your profile.